Nearing the release of MTA: San Andreas 1.1

The dev team has published a list of the major changes in the next version of MTA: San Andreas multiplayer 1.1. Progress development until froze at 87%, which means that the remaining 13% of "fly by".

Developers several times delayed release, constantly performing rollback the scale of progress, but it looks like the main problem solved. It is expected that the MTA: SA 1.0 will appear from May to early June. The change list is huge, but the guys from the Multi Theft Auto decided to highlight the most interesting improvements that we'll see in the next generation of multiplayer.

Changes to the MTA: SA: a new kind of menus *:
By default, added a new GUI skins;
Added MTA official news headlines are also available in 1.0.5;
Added support for custom GUI skins;
New browser servers *;
Unicode support in the game and in scripts. You will probably have to transcode finished scripts (1.0) in UTF-8;
Performance improvement: Seriously improved boot MTA: SA compared to 1.0.5 (see comparison) *;
Superior average FPS and FPS limit has been increased to reduce fpslagov from 46 to 70;
New feature: added an option to change the smoothing and mipmapping in MTA: SA;
Fixed a bug with the Aero theme for Windows Vista/7 users. Previously, when you start the MTA, the computer is forced to set a Windows Basic skin; in the options you can select skin Aero MTA.
Added a new generator nicks-this will avoid creating duplicate nicknames when installing for the first time MTASA 1.1 and accelerate change to this random Nick (this feature works in the GFWL when registering a new account);
Various modifications to the Linux Server assemblies.
In addition to information on changes in the AIT, the developers have published statistics on your project.

1200 participants in the MTA Steam;
More than 120.000 unique players in April 2011;
A new record of simultaneous game in player's AIT was 4172 1 may at 17.00 CET. *-paragraphs marked with this symbol are shown in the video (see above).

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2011-05-04 14:33:02

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