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Magazine CarWorld for GTA San Andreas Magazine about cars for Gta San Andreas, still will be! The essence of the idea is this: periodically, a magazine in PDF format, which includes honest reviews of cars for Gta Sa. A description of the vehicle: comfort, quality, dynamics, appearance, dimensions ... And to compare models to determine: who better to Mini-tests, Auto news, Travel through SA, and much more, not less interesting. The first issue will be out in October, but for now here is a list of topics that will be included in the log:
1. letters-letters (starting with the second issue)
2. Editor's note
3. News-News of the automobile world San Andreas
4. Drive-car tests
5. In detail-detailed car review
6. Garage-cars on long test
7. Duel-comparison of the two models on the subject: who's better?

1. Category a letter: even as an employee of the magazine, you can get on his page. To do this, send me a PM with the topic of "letters"
2. Editor's Note: readers
5. In detail: vehicle inspection all employees of Edition
6. Garage: Cars that are tested for a long time

In the magazine's already there:
Editor-in-Chief-Alexander (Alex p555)
Browser-Momo (DJ CJ)-probation
Obozrevatel "trucks and buses"-Andrei (avaseu)
Road test editor Dmitry (ZAW)

Is urgently needed:
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Editor of "News"
Commentators human 2
All questions to PM!

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2011-09-21 20:41:08

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