New CJ

The MOD does not change anything radically, but merely redraws all textures on CJ. Learn more about what makes this mod:
1. Facial texture completely redrawn to more high quality (resolution: 512 * 512 textures!)
2. the fingers from CJ now normal.
3. all textures of hair and beards converted to high quality (resolution: 512 * 512 textures!) and now look much more realistic and attractive standard.
4. Completely repainted on the musculature and body CJ.
5. all the "seams" between the head = > body, shoulder = > torso now correctly chosen and are not visible.
6. body proportions also skillfully worked out.
7. as an added bonus, the MOU included Pak high quality clothing (clothing also is chosen to match the old ones)!
P.S. whatever clothes you don't wear any hairstyle, face and body CJ will always remain with high quality textures!

Author Navetsea Alexxx SlimGaGa KyzmA Teitia Jack
Skin type Humans and humanoids
Skin group Characters
Gender Male
Replaces CJ (Carl Johnson)

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 Downloads: 18.8k