The first beta release of Vice City Rage

Release of the first beta version of Vice City Rage
Release of the first beta version of Vice City Rage
Russian team of modders released the expected global modification for GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, Vice City Rage.

Many fans were upset to learn from Rockstar Games that the actions of the GTA 5 will not pass on your favorite streets of Miami, and Los Santos. But Russian guys a little over three years ago, as if anticipating this, started its Grand project of Vice City Rage.

Vice City Rage transfers the original GTA: Vice City on the engine Grand Theft Auto 4 - RAGE. Disco fans a new way to appreciate this non-transferable and exciting atmosphere of 80s. Tommy Vercetti is back in business.
Like any project, VCR felt his difficulties, and at some point, the lights went out in spring it was announced the closure VCR. However, in summer, the boys resumed their work in the old part. And below, you can download and evaluate Vice City Rage Beta 1. But before you start downloading, find out what awaits us:

Envelope full of location, but will be available only Eastern island (Vice City Beach) and adjacent Islands;
The original weapons;
Original transport;
Radio station;
A couple of interesting surprises;
Unfortunately, walking peds the streets Vice City in the first beta, but passers-by and many other things not included in this release will be added in new versions Vice City Rage.

Do not forget about the multiplayer. In this version, the multiplayer is not supported, but, in the future, such a possibility is run with friends on the updated : Vice city, probably, will be realized.

Our country should know its heroes. Before you team VCR:

RussianCJ (Artem) - programmer, co-founder;
DEAGLOS (Vitaly) - designer, co-founder;
Quantum (Sergey) - artist;
Den (Denis) video - maker;
МИХАЛЫ4 (Mikhail) - installation of audio recordings;
Grimones (Andrew) - pedestrians, laying roads for transport;
Legiz - laying roads for transport;
METALMan (Maxim) - transport;
DMN (Dmitry) - transport;
Sergey (Sergey) - PR, beta test.

And now, our dear fans of Grand Theft Auto, rather hasten to download modification Vice City Range, which will be the best modification of 2012, according to ModDB.

Download TORRENT: vcr_publicbeta.rar.torrent

ATTENTION! is required To play GTA 4: Episodes From Liberty City version EN.

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2012-01-14 04:58:42

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