Walk around Vice City Rage

Walking in Vice City Rage
For those who for any reasons could not play in a brand new Vice City Rage, Next GTA prepared a video review of the published modification.

Of unfinished'll highlight a few moments. The voice belongs not to Ray Liotta (actor, voicing Tommy Vercetti), and Michael Hollick (actor, voicing Niko Bellic). Early Rage Team showed a short video with radio stations. There were original icons, but that's why in the final version of the icons were radio stations from GTA 4 unknown. Traffic performed well, but sometimes cars why not turn on the turn, and a bit closer or farther, exactly on the landing.

Another lag shown at 02:40 first part there pedestrian literally "descent from heaven". Function navigation is very useful, but it was not in the original Vice City. And last until that question: why line beach on the radar drawn farther than it really is?

surprise announcement came today from the team Rage Team, the authors of the famous global fashion GTA Vice City RAGE. Now the team Rockstar Modding Studio (the Creators IV:SA), joined the ranks of our Russian developers. Yes, exactly! Now RMS and Rage Team is officially one! Name accordingly stuck our and change it are not collected. Now updated membership has modelers include a General channel on YouTube and soon hopes to have a common technical content.

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2012-01-18 05:08:16

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The release of GTA Vice City for windows was first held in North America in 2003.

In Europe the release of GTA Vice City took place 11 years ago, on 15 may 2003.

In Japan GTA VC PC running Windows was released in 2004.

GTA VC PS2 was released in Japan in may 2004.

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