Anniversary of the release of GTA: VCS in Japan

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, 2 ladies
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for 6 years in Japan
On the sixth of December, 2007 in Japan experienced a release of GTA: Vice City Stories on the two platforms: the Play Station Portable, for which the game was developed, and Play Station 2.

Technologically going ahead of Japan lags behind other countries in terms of the beginning of sales of game series Grand Theft Auto. And not only from Europe and North America, but even from far Australia and New Zealand. In the case of GTA: VCS Japanese had to wait for this game for more than a year longer than «white people», although release of version for Play Station 2 lingered just six months relative to Europe and America.

icon of CERO rating Z
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories like all the other games in the series GTA received in Japan from local rating company CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) rating Z - allows the use of the product only age group 18+, there is no stricter rating in the samurai country.

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The release of GTA Vice City for windows was first held in North America in 2003.

In Europe the release of GTA Vice City took place 11 years ago, on 15 may 2003.

In Japan GTA VC PC running Windows was released in 2004.

GTA VC PS2 was released in Japan in may 2004.

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