10 years of release of GTA 3 and GTA VC on Xbox

GTA 3 and GTA Vice City, Xbox
Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City are already 10 years on Xbox in Europe and Australia
Exactly 10 years ago, the second of January 2004, the Xbox occurred European release of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto Double Pack including both games. By the time it's been more than two years since the publication of the third GTA, why is the version for Xbox lateness?

Release of GTA 3 for Play Station 2 occurred in October 2001, and a half a year later, in May 2002, the third GTA came out on PC. GTA Vice City had the exact same release schedule with a shift on a year - in October 2002 a version was released for Play Station 2, in May 2003 - PC version. in its turn Xbox was introduced in North America in November 2001, and in Europe in March 2002, only gaining popularity and in this regard could not compete with the PS2. Rockstars decided to immediately test a promising console and released at the end of 2001 Max Payne as the PS2 and Xbox. However, results, apparently, didn't completely satisfied R* so they didn't hurry with the transfer of their other games on Xbox. But when the number of console owners from Microsoft became significant Rockstars, decided to capture this market and ported on Xbox two their hits - GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. R* released both games simultaneously plus edition of both games within a single pack. It is quite natural that at first release occurred in America, the «homeland» of the Xbox, as sales of the console in the New world were significantly better than in the rest of the world, then in Europe and Australia and then in Japan.

Anyway, today is the anniversary in the history of the series, Grand Theft Auto, even jubilee, and we congratulate on this Rockstar Games and all the fans of GTA.

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2014-01-03 06:51:12

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The release of GTA Vice City for windows was first held in North America in 2003.

In Europe the release of GTA Vice City took place 11 years ago, on 15 may 2003.

In Japan GTA VC PC running Windows was released in 2004.

GTA VC PS2 was released in Japan in may 2004.

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