GTA Vice City on the PlayStation 3 (PSN) 1 year

GTA Vice City on the PlayStation 3 (PSN) 1 year
GTA Vice City on the PlayStation 3 (PSN) 1 year
Grand Theft Auto V already for a long time has been completed, but the developers RockStar Games no hurry to give us another quality addition to the game or a new history of life of the Trinity.
That same... Great reason to while away the waiting, remembering the old-good GTA: Vice City, which reached the PlayStation 3 a year ago. Funny the fact that the information about the port of the game on PS3 and mobile devices leaked to the media in 2012 through the site ratings ESRB, which was refuted by RockStar, and a year later, in honor of the decade, GTA Vice City, January 30, unexpectedly appeared in the PlayStation Network. In addition, the developers pleased their fans additional pleasant trifles in the form of sketches and renderings of the characters and the city, as well as the cult of music from the game. You can find all this is absolutely free blog PlayStation and on the website of the company.
And only 10$ you will be able to immerse themselves in the turbulent eighties, feel the legendary American dream and the history of the main hero Tommy, who continually try to substitute, but to save his hide to be right for you. Of course, 11 years after the release of the game, GTA Vice City lost its former brilliance, but hardly anyone even now refuses to shoot the tires, drive on the PCJ-600 or Sanchez'e, dilute pizza and dressed, dancing in the club «Malibu», isn't it?

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2014-02-08 09:06:23

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The release of GTA Vice City for windows was first held in North America in 2003.

In Europe the release of GTA Vice City took place 11 years ago, on 15 may 2003.

In Japan GTA VC PC running Windows was released in 2004.

GTA VC PS2 was released in Japan in may 2004.

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