7 years GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe

7 years from the date of release of GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe
GTA - «free» virtual world, where there are always unexpected turns of events and offers new opportunities for players. The popularity of the game has surpassed all famous Hollywood movies. Waiting for updates to the legendary 3D-shooter lightning in motion the media and fans of the genre. Anniversary releases new games GTA steel, almost official international holidays.
Passed 7 years since the release of GTA: Vice City Stories for the Playstation 2 in Europe and Australia. Statistics show that the popularity of the game, not only did not fall, but is constantly growing. This is facilitated regular updates, competitions, prizes and an active development community «RockStar Social Club. The appearance of the legendary 3D shooter was preceded by a very interesting moments.

waiting for GTA VCS for PS2

As with any significant event in the gaming world, the emergence of GTA VCS was preceded by an information leakage and hundreds of false rumors. Distortion of information transmitted through thousands of mouth, injected fans of the genre astray, they have not yet been published in the official comments of the representatives of RockStar.
10 may 2006 the official representatives RockStar North and Leeds was confirmed by the development of GTA VCS to PlaysStation. Two days later was created the game's website, where users can read the latest news and announcements.
In August came reviews some script and screenshots from the new games. The first two trailer came out respectively in early August and the end of September 2006. In October 2006, GTA VCS gained 9.5 out of 10 possible points according to magazine «PlayStation Magazine» in the nomination «game of the month».

the Official release of the new world

In North America release GTA VCS for Playstation 2 was held on 7 March 2007. The citizens of Europe was first able to feel all advantages of a new 3D-shooter two days later - on March 9, 2007.
The game takes place in 1984, two years precedes the events in GTA: Vice City. In this regard, many buildings familiar Vice City is not yet finished. Added many new missions and means of transport (water, air and land).
's world of GTA VCS for PS2 became more realistic: the increased number of minor objects (pedestrians, foliage, cars, etc.), extended distance draw the world, improved animation. The game appeared in the fog, new tunes on the radio, tuned management system motorcycles.
GTA VCS traditionally preserved the principle of freedom of choice, a world of crime and unexpected scenario.
7 years from the date of release of GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe 7 years from the date of release of GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe

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