Interview with the Rage Team

It was possible to interview the team, but rather in its four members: Vitaly DEAGLOS, Artem RussianCJ and Sergey Quantum. Agreed to an interview quickly, and on the same day they decided to have a talk. Everything was so fast that the time to prepare the questions were nothing at all - about 15 minutes. To the surprise of the guys had enough time here to talk about everything. In total, the interview was delayed a little more than 40 minutes.

Interview with the Rage Team
OPla Gaming: Hello. For a start you tell us about yourself : who you are, where and so on.
RussianCJ: My name is Artem , I live in the city of Perm. I am 17 years old . I study at the university in business informatics . In a modification to take part in the role of lead programmer .
DEAGLOS: I - DEAGLOS aka Fred. Graduated from high school . Now I study at the academy polustatsionare STEP on the designer - computer graphics . Sometimes works . In a modification to work with models.

OPla Gaming: I guess , after which the name of your team, but why is Rage?
RussianCJ: Most likely due to the fact that we have started to do mod for the game , which was set up on the engine, RAGE. Probably , DEAGLOS anything supplement .
DEAGLOS: And what supplement . We wanted to come up with the name of the currently normal . Long argued about it . As they say, you call a boat , so it will float . Once solved , resolved , and in general have decided that it would be logical to name the word bored Rage.

OPla Gaming: Tell us now for more details : who is doing what in your team , how many people and who has what position.
DEAGLOS: Let's say I'm doing models , fixed models are converted weapons. And again , people often ask , " What are the functions we will implement it? " GTA 4 has a lot of scripts , why it is necessary to solve problems such as the production of pickups . Again, how to do it : as GTA 4 or as in Vice City. Well , Artem will answer the question.
RussianCJ: I'm mainly involved in creation SDK, which helps us to automate the process of converting Vice City . This SDK of about 25 small programs , but they give us very seriously help us in terms of conversion. Also, we are working together with the project . Black, which deals with the researcher engine RAGE, ie decodes formats models , formats, collisions , textures, and other things . And we did , in principle, helps in terms of quality , so we have time to test the team's decision . Black and see how to do better. That is, for example, when we are still caught in the hands of a test program that was doing the normal collisions, we have had time to test it, to understand where conflicts may fall because of what they are buggy and learn how to make bug free .
After that, the conference joined another team member - Quantum, and further conversation developed between the four interlocutors.
DEAGLOS: There are MIHALY4 in our team , which helps us a lot converting models. Sergei, then the question was : who is doing what. Tell me a little bit.
Quantum: I design , 2D- graphics, that is, I do timecyc and atmosphere for fashion . In general, everything related to the appearance - my work : website design, page design YouTube- channel and so on.

OPla Gaming: When, finally , will earn your website?
RussianCJ: Our website is working, when it will be completed yet . DEAGLOS almost completed the site. Also, we will address the issue about hosting , where we will host this website . I saw a poster only from the outside, but I can say that it is made on a completely acceptable level.

OPla Gaming: Getting back to the team , I will ask: roughly speaking, Rage Team consists of 4 people, right?
DEAGLOS: MIHALY4a I have already mentioned . There are some Hacker_UTD, which has only recently started to help us . One person is Innocent, recently retired - he is now working hard .

OPla Gaming: As I understand it , one of you from the Ukraine , another from Russia . How did you find each other? How did you start dating ?
Quantum: Wait a minute . Two of us from the Ukraine , and one - in Russia . I am from Kiev , DEAGLOS of Donetsk, and Temych - from Perm.
RussianCJ: DEAGLOS'om I met a few years ago, when trained to do all sorts of small fashion . We met ... when else?
DEAGLOS: ... two years ago.
RussianCJ: Maybe two. Let it be suspended for two years.
Quantum: If fashion is two years, and about as many are familiar with.
DEAGLOS: Plus or minus six months.
RussianCJ: Well , first met DEAGLOS'om , then with Quantum'om , MIHALY4'em and the rest of the teams. But it all started with us.
DEAGLOS: Well, I met with Sergei , when ignited a desire to make mods , and began to make mod called Vice City Stories. So we met with Sergei , who really helped me screenshots , and moral support .
Quantum: Yes, we have started to prepare skrishnoty Vice City Stories emulator , and then abandoned - had neither the desire nor the strength nor the time . But good friends . We celebrated together with Sergey birthday in Donetsk.

OPla Gaming: Who do you position a : developers or creators of the modifications ?
DEAGLOS: Difficult question . Again , I dream to become a game designer. I want to feel confident , gain experience , to feel more confident, because the project approach seriously and responsibly.
RussianCJ: I'll agree with DEAGLOS. I want to go to the video game industry , as many studios as I know , began with the creation of mods, and only later developed into the present development . So, I think that our dream that we will once full members geymdeva someday come true.
Quantum: I would not say that I have a dream of working anywhere in the gaming company. I want to engage in Fine Arts at the professional level. But that's how it goes. In general, I want to make orders. But, in principle , it would be a good idea . Experience is something already there.

OPla Gaming: Remind yourself to our readers how you decide sozdt modification .
RussianCJ: It came easy. It all started with the words " Let's do the modification . " . First there was the idea to make any modification to GTA 4, and then we thought , "Let 's make the conversion to GTA Vice City 4 .. ? " . DEAGLOS'u liked the idea , and we started to work. In the beginning there was a video that demonstrated the mansion , a little torn . This was the first experience of converting the card. Then there is the other two test videos : the first one shows the corrected mansion , as amended at the time , and the second - the airport . Later followed a lull : we trained to convert the map , transport, have been a success in terms of the engine reserchinga RAGE, when DEAGLOS found secret aircraft that is registered only in GTA 4 . It was made thoroughly: physics completely absent. This was our first discovery. We kept it a secret, which is why large then regretted.
DEAGLOS: While on the subject is far from gone , I will say that the topics at the time was expensive internet , and I was not the most powerful computer (Pentium IV with 512 MB ​​video card ) in order to demonstrate our success . So used , they could.
Followed by a small hitch , and a complete response to Vitali we , unfortunately, have not heard ...
OPla Gaming: Will there be a modification exclusives : transport or something?
RussianCJ: We just take transport of Xbox- version of Vice City , and convert it . So , no shocking exclusive , we would not be in fashion .
Quantum: Nothing that was not in Vice City, will not be with us. Is that the card will be slightly adjusted .

OPla Gaming: In fact, you refresh the good old Vice City.
RussianCJ: Right. First, arguing about the introduction of exclusive content . Especially the issue infuriated DEAGLOS'a, but then decided . Someone asked us why we do not make new palm or supermegadetalizirovannye machine. Guys, you first get a hundred people on it , and then push the idea. And we employ five people , and we are doing our best.
Quantum: We refused, as this will also suffer because of the atmosphere. It would be quite wrong. Our goal - to restore a sense of nostalgia , refresh look at it again and ride on the good old Vice City .

OPla Gaming: You have already done 30-40 percent of the work , as you say . What, in your opinion, was the most difficult?
RussianCJ: Probably conversion card.
DEAGLOS: Yes I would not say that the conversion of the card. We converted the map to explore the process of creation . Here Artem was a difficult task to make the converter textures. He spent a lot of time on its creation . At first, he tried , but his attempts were in vain . And then , with new powers, he once again tried to make this converter. There's also helped him GooD to pursue the case . Mine, it was the most difficult .
RussianCJ: You have just heard the story of how I got into the team . Black. = )

OPla Gaming: From what pans had to be abandoned in the course of development?
Quantum: Oh ... were the same guys. Fully complete .
DEAGLOS: Well, we can not immediately recall . The first steps were such ideas as to put people at the Ocean View. But then we decided that it is better not to bother with this .
RussianCJ: Admit it, in fact, if you are ready and there is time , it will be possible to implement this idea . But as long as we do not want to be distracted by it .

OPla Gaming: What would be your reaction to the fact that your modification after appearing in the network will be available for sale ? I mean pirated discs .
DEAGLOS: recently discussing this turn of events. In my opinion, it is inevitable.
Quantum: Perhaps any normal global fashion is doomed to it .
DEAGLOS: When I worked in a shop selling CDs , thought it would be ironic if one day I 'll start selling their same modification. However, later resigned.
Quantum: There is still a pun : in Ukraine pirates are doing much better, than the license disks . Thoughtful done something. If only a PR our project .
RussianCJ: We do not plan to receive income from our fashion , so we will be happy if the mod is so popular .
DEAGLOS: It plays an important role as a moral satisfaction.

OPla Gaming: As I understand it , the main objective - is to become interested in your work professional developers .
Quantum: Hmm ... I never put it in the first place .
DEAGLOS: I myself never thought about that, but I think it would be nice .
RussianCJ: I thought about it a little bit , so I will say that I will be glad if our work will notice.

OPla Gaming: Upon completion of the work on the Vice City Rage are going to do something in this team? Perhaps , GTA San Andreas , or 3 on the engine, RAGE? Maybe take up something new ?
RussianCJ: We simply do not have the patience ... =)
Quantum: SA are already doing , and doing very well , and GTA 3 make no sense. VC is the best option : after all, the most beloved , a map and a little fun .
RussianCJ: On the technical side of the easiest to convert VC . In San Andreas its troubles in GTA 3 - the.

OPla Gaming: You are planning to spend 14-15 broadcast numbers. What did you show ?
RussianCJ: what's new , and it will show . We now want to solve the problem of the disappearance of models. It looks like we have found the cause , but that takes time , that would fix it. We also want to experiment with the interiors , as we were reminded in the previous translation. With water there were some problems , and now it looks pretty good. Removed all the strange squares, bugs removed .
Quantum: Even before the broadcast would like to say that the audience would not ask the question that I am personally exasperated . Often asked why we do not do HD- textures , HD- model. These questions ask children for whom Vice City - an ancient game . It is for us nostalgia , childhood. I want to leave it at that .

OPla Gaming: If we are on the matter , then say what questions you do not want to hear (read - see) during the broadcast .
Quantum and DEAGLOS ( together) : " When will the mod? "
RussianCJ: Yeah , this question is asked a lot . I'm used to all say that at the end of the year , but do not imagine when it comes out . What is the quality ? It is not known , but the team . Black come complete , so to speak , brake. Problem with decoding models. It is impossible to predict when a brilliant idea will come and tell you how it all works : decode , encode , get to work . So with this complete uncertainty .

OPla Gaming: You may have something to say or add?
RussianCJ: DEAGLOS wanted to say something ...
DEAGLOS: See translation , ask normal questions , do not ask for ten times , as it was last time. Again, do not get hung up on the HD or HQ.
Quantum: On my own I want to say to the people doing fashion , with understanding , with patience , respect, because the thing is , unfortunately , not very rewarding . We do it for fun . It should also be understood that the modding GTA 4 is currently very crude , and it is an understatement . He did nothing. So no need to wait for something great . Many believe that we can all , but many do not want to . You do not think - we want a lot , but almost nothing can. I hope you understand that. It is better to support us morally , and everything will be fine.
RussianCJ: I fully support Quantum'a : we do everything on its own enthusiasm , do not get the money , we try to go all out ... I hope we live up to the expectations of players , fans.
Then we , frankly , pretty poured water because lead the meaning of those remarks should not be .
OPla Gaming: This ends the interview. Thank you, Vitaly , thank you , Artem , thank you, Sergey - thank you all .
DEAGLOS: Thank you. It was good to talk.

Well, some screenshots of GTA Vice City Rage:

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team Interview with the Rage Team

Interview with the Rage Team

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